Don’t tell me the Suns and Lakers isn’t a rivalry.

Sure, Lakers fans try to treat their Phoenix counterparts like an older teenage brother treats his younger elementary school brother. With complete disregard.

But like most little brothers, the Suns and their fans still find a way to get under the Lakers’ skin. Case in point this tweet from Kobe Bryant just hours prior to Suns vs. Lakers.

Yeah, this certainly isn’t a rivalry. (Where’s the sarcasm font on this thing?)

One of the biggest names in the league goes out of his way to call out the Suns to his millions of followers — wow, that sounds very cultish when typed out — before a game he won’t even play in. It’s obviously a big deal to Kobe despite the records of the two teams. He wants a win and is quite confident about it.

Hopefully that virtual bulletin board material, at the very least, fires up Suns fans to be loud and proud at US Airways Center. Those younger siblings can be quite annoying and cause some problems when they’re fired up you know.

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