Just about a half-hour away from heading to Staples Center for Game 3 (on MY-45!). Thought I’d pass along a few musings before Gametime.

The Suns and Lakers tip off tonight at 7:30 p.m. on My45.
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  • I have a sneaking suspicion we will see some rough play from the Lakers, who want to send a physical message along to the Suns especially in front of their home fans. Odom (and Charles Barkley) have said L.A. needs to put Leandro “down.” Phil Jackson said the Lakers were “punked” in Game 2. And Ronny Turiaf was visibly upset at James Jones for going in for a monster slam in the final minute of the blow-out. Don’t be surprised to see the chippiness return between these two teams–maybe even an ejection or two tonight.


  • Raja Bell and his wife Cindy need a short series. She’s expecting their first child any day now.


  • We may have some fun tonight with Phil Jackson and his “throne.” He sits with extra cushions after the hip replacement surgery. So for those that say he sits on his high horse…


  • I enjoyed seeing EJ present Leandro with his NBA Sixth Man Award trophy on Tuesday night, but I’m very disappointed in Eddie after he refused to go up on stage last night at a local night spot and sing karaoke for us here in Los Angeles (I even tipped the deejay $20 to slip EJ ahead of the others waiting to show their “Idol-like” skills!)


  • I have constant thoughts of how sweet a Suns run to the championship would be for Jerry Colangelo, who has been quietly watching from the shadows – but is always at the forefront of our minds.


  • A recent survey of GMs around the league gave the MVP award to Dirk. Think they may want to take those votes back?? He doesn’t look like an MVP after their first two playoff games. To me, Josh Howard has been their most valuable Mav!


  • Finally, I still feel strongly that our training staff (Aaron Nelson, Mike Elliott, Jay Gaspar and Eric Phillips) should collectively win Dan Majerle’s Hustle Award. Nobody works harder, hustles more than this group. They NEVER have a day off!
Later, from L.A.
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