Steve Nash, who seems to be grooming himself for a directing career in Hollywood when his basketball career reaches its conclusion, received a glimpse of his possible future when he was forced to corral a video production that was spiraling out of control.

It turns out that Nash’s latest video, which featured Leandro Barbosa as a character from the movie Avatar, was actually re-written at the last minute because of an unforeseen casting change.

It turns out that Barbosa, who was slated all along to play a member of the Na’vi tribe, was originally meant to co-star with none other than Amar’e Stoudemire. Stoudemire wasn’t going to “go blue” like his teammate, but was set to play the role of the lone man that could see the Na’vi creature.

Aided by his “supernatural” glasses, Stoudemire would have been the only one to see that there was a creature on the plane. Perhaps it would have been a sort of an homage to the Twilight Zone: The Movie scene with John Lithgow on an airplane, but we’ll never know.

Instead, the plot centers around Barbosa falling asleep on the plane and dreaming that he’s a member of the Na’vi. When he awakes, he thinks that he’s dreaming, but Jared Dudley leads him to believe that he wasn’t.

It’s all so existential…

So what exactly happened to Stoudemire? Did one of the usual go-to hams for a Steve Nash Production get a case of cold feet, have a riff with the studio, creative differences over the direction of the script?

Nah. The 6-10 All-Star forward just fell asleep.

It could’ve been worse for STAT though. He could’ve been given Robin Lopez’s role in the video.

Click here if you already haven’t seen it.

And let’s hope that there’s a sequel.

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