(Larry W. Smith/NBAE/Getty Images)

Gani Lawal’s name in Nigerian means “lots of joy.” He certainly brought just that to the Iowa Energy this past weekend.

Last week, while the Suns embarked on their four-game road trip, Lawal was assigned to the Suns’ D-League affiliate in Iowa. Since Lawal had’t received any playing time with the Suns thus far this season, the Suns’ front office thought it would be a good idea to get the Suns rookie some in-game reps.

Lawal wasted no time in making his impression felt, racking up 22 points, 13 rebounds and two blocks in 29 minutes as the Energy captured a 113-92 road win over the Dakota Wizards on Friday. Lawal followed that performance up with a nine-point, five-rebound effort in another victory over Dakota on Saturday.

Lawal is expected to stay with Iowa through Dec. 10 and appear in 10 games. Iowa’s next game is at Tulsa on Friday.

  • JAS

    Glad for Lawal, always haappy to see a young player have a shot at the big time. To bad this doesn’t help our Suns current situation which has panic written all over it. Chances are we will see Gani sometime in the very near future. If the Suns don’t pull the trade trigger soon we might as well start playing him. Throw Clark and whoever else needs evaluation into that mix as well. If this sudden player apathy continues any playoff hope will most likely be over by late December anyway.

  • JAS

    It’s a win against the Rockets and Suns will take it. Some fans will point out that Steve came back and everything is allright again. Sorry, the fact remains our Suns escaped playing perhaps the current “worse” team in the NBA with an argument being made on the Clippers behalf. Suns got pounded inside, out rebounded and yes, Nash did get this win because without him in the lineup last night we were 0-4 on the road trip. Suns are at the crossroad, trade and gamble that it doesn’t disrupt and implode the whole thing. Hold the present course and continue to beat the lower tier teams, have a few “great” games vs the upper level, 50-50 chances right now to make the playoffs with a quick 1st rd exit. It will be interesting to see what direction the new management takes.

  • JAS

    No Mello, no problem for Denver, not when your playing our rapidly falling Suns. I didn’t think it would get ugly this season, I’m starting to rethink that today. Suns middle is as soft as the mash potatoes I had for Thanksgiving. Frye looks more timid by the game. Turk I’m afraid can now be considered a huge bust. My opinion, Suns flounder most of the season, miss the playoffs, lose Hill, Nash and maybe even JRich over the summer. Welcome to Phoenix rebuilding 101. You can fool the fans for only so long Suns ownership.