After missing all of training camp and the Phoenix Suns’ first three pre-season games, Leandro Barbosa is back from Brazil.  Barbosa was with the team on Media Day and then left the team to fly to Brazil so he could tend to his sick mother.

Many of the players didn’t realize LB would be back at practice this morning.  The flight from Brazil to Phoenix is 13 hours and he didn’t get in until 10:00am this morning.  He left the airport and came right to practice.  When someone asked him about the flight, he only said, “It’s a long flight.”

Now that he’s back in Phoenix, the Brazilian Blur has a lot to learn.  With several new teammates, a new coaching staff and a completely new system, Barbosa knows he has some work ahead of him.  ”I have to learn a lot.  They did a lot without me.  But I’m happy to be here and I’ll try to pick everything up as quickly as possible.”

But despite all of the catching up Barbosa will need to do, everyone is excited to have him back in the fold. Coach Porter commented, “Obviously, you lose out on a lot with a new coach and a new system.  But we understand the reason he wasn’t here.  We’ll do our best to teach him the plays.  I think he’ll be able to pick up things pretty quickly.  His conditioning will take a week or so.  We may put him in the next few games but he’ll be limited in what he can do.  We’ll have to see how comfortable he is with our [plays].  Otherwise, he’s just out there running.”

One thing LB made sure to comment on was how grateful he was for the support everyone gave him.  ”I [want to thank] my fans, my teammates and the organization for their support and their prayers.  And…I’m back!”

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