Robin Lopez’ mother, Debbie Ledford, is excited he was chosen by the Suns.
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After the press conference, I caught up with Robin’s mother, Debbie Ledford, and his brother, Alexander Lopez. Alexander is twelve years Robin’s senior and two inches shorter but his mother gives him and their other brother, Christopher, partial credit for the work ethic both twins have on the court. “The (older brothers) taught them a lot and they showed no mercy,” she explained. Alexander continued, “We were pretty tough on them. But they got tough on both of us when they were able to.”

Obviously Robin was tough enough on his brothers that an NBA team thought he would be a good fit for them. Everyone in the family was ecstatic when Lopez was picked by Phoenix. Debbie pointed out that Robin loved the Suns from the very beginning and when he knew the team was interested in him, he stopped working out for any other team so they wouldn’t know how good he was. “This is the perfect fit for him. It’s the perfect thing for him and the best thing for the team.”

I asked what his family thought fans would want to know about him that they don’t already know. His brother said that Robin isn’t shy about being in media now that he has experience in the limelight so fans already know a lot about him. His mom commented that “he’s a gentle giant. He’s so good around kids, like his niece. He has a big heart. He treats children very well.”

One of the things Robin is known for is his hair. I asked how he decided to take on that hairstyle. She said both twins would get their haircut and they would look about the same up until about high school. At that point, Robin decided that he didn’t want to get a haircut and she let him grow it out because “it’s his head.” But when it gets too long, his brother Christopher may come and trim it a bit.

His mother also commented on how much the Lopez twins love Disneyland. “When they were younger, we went maybe once a year. But as they got older we would go five or six times a year. In fact, our family vacation this August is to Disneyworld.” Alexander added, “Their creative match is Disney. That’s the thing that sparks their imagination when they’re off the court.” According to his mother, Robin started drawing when he was a toddler. While Brook was out shooting baskets, he would be inside drawing, reading and writing. That obviously changed as he got older.

After speaking with two members of his family I can say one thing for sure: We don’t have to worry about Robin’s support system. His mother and brother are very supportive, are both already very savvy with the media and should be able to help Robin as he makes the transition from college to the NBA. His mom told me their plans for the next couple of months regarding getting things situated for Lopez in Phoenix, finding housing accomodations and getting him integrated into the city. He should have no problem fitting in here.

If Robin’s enthusiasm for basketball and life in general translate over into basketball skills, I don’t think fans should doubt anything about his ability to fit in on the Suns team either. He’s sure to be a fan favorite by the end of the upcoming season.

What are your thoughts about Lopez as the Suns’ draft pick? Is there anything you would like me to ask him the next time I speak with him? Feel free to leave comments below or e-mail your questions to

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