Here’s proof that even when he doesn’t have a basketball in his hands, Steve Nash makes for compelling storylines.

Crunchtime Films, in association with Donnelly Films, will release “Nash,” an independent, feature-length documentary about the Suns’ All-Star point guard, slated to premiere in late 2011/early 2012.

“If you are a fan of Steve Nash, you probably know how he started out,” director Michael Hamilton said. “Obviously, that’s a part of the film, too, but the big thing for us was what was going on with him now. How has he molted into this brand he has – not just basketball but his foundation, his film projects and other business endeavors he’s undertaken? We want to show a side of him that people may not know – his ambitions.”

To say the film covers a personal angle few have successfully navigated is an understatement. That’s where Hamilton’s working relationship with the usually reserved playmaker over the last few years paid off.  Well, eventually, that is…

“He was a bit reluctant about it,” Hamilton laughed. “He likes to keep to himself in his private life. Having a friendship with him and his foundation, he gave us his blessing to be around him. We had no idea it was going to be something this big.

“At the beginning, even us as filmmakers, we didn’t know which way he was going to go with it. It started out as a little project we thought we may do. As it grew, we realized we should incorporate a few different things. He understood where we were going before we even did (laughs). Because of our relationship, he trusted me and understood what we were trying to achieve. It’s still pick or choose with what you can do with him, but as the journey went on, he became more receptive of the message we were trying to get out there.”

The film follows the two-time NBA MVP over a time span of two years, including stops at the 2010 NBA All-Star Weekend in Dallas, offseasons in New York and Vancouver, and, of course, Phoenix.

The production was also blessed with some first-person Hollywood testimonials, including those of producer Ron Howard, “Entourage” creator Doug Ellin and actor Owen Wilson.

“They love Steve, and they are obviously fans of his,” Hamilton said. “That was the reason we got these guys involved. We only got people who Steve knows. They push the story along.”

It’s no secret that Nash is a filmmaking aficionado himself, but Hamilton said his subject never offered up any suggestions as to the production. In other words, the floor general was as professional as he is nightly on the basketball court.

“Steve had no input in the day-to-day filming,” the film’s director said. “Obviously he’s the subject. He just gets it. Being immersed in his own film projects, he likes that side of things. It just helps him to understand what we go through and what we need from him.

“When you want to do a film about anyone, you have to know about them. I thought I knew most everything. You know how busy a guy like Steve is, but you really don’t understand just how busy until you see it firsthand. It’s amazing how he handles his basketball schedule, family, businesses and filmmaking. It’s inspiring for myself. When you make a film, it gets very hectic and busy. Then you look at a guy like Steve and you realize it’s not so bad. He juggles everything, and that’s pretty amazing.”

  • Alden

    This sounds like it will be very interesting. Steve Nash is an inspiration for a lot of people playing basketball. I think that his style of gameplay comes off as so easy and natural, that it makes everybody want to play like him. It kind of reminds me of how michael Jordan or magic Johnson played. They were really efficient and effective players, and made it look fun too. Can’t wait to see the movie.

  • Jason

    I consider steve nash one of the few people i look up to and i have always wanted something like this to come out. i can’t wait to see it

  • Ricky Madril

    Really can’t wait for this film to come out, Steve, from what ive read and learned about him in the past 10-15 years is an incredible person on anf off the court, and is a very busy man. This film will hopefully capture all of this and more, really excited.

  • gary miano

    Steve Nash the best point guard in the history of the NBA.I’m a huge fan Steve.Not only agreat basketball player but a great humanbeing.I’m so proud to be suns fan.Keep up the great job. Gary Miano

  • Ryan Eilers

    Steve is a great person and a GREAT SUN!

  • Samantha Rios

    I am extremely excited about this! Steve Nash is so humble and a great ball player; he deserves to be recognized.

  • Bob

    Huge Nash fan psyched to see it.

  • Larry Speaks

    My wife and I are in awe of this amazing man. Not only is he one of the all time best point guards, he is truly an incredible human being. You just know that whatever he does he has a positive impact both on and off the court. We look forward to “NASH”.

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