The Suns’ starting lineup changes in Monday’s getaway game in Memphis weren’t enough to salvage the 0-4 road trip, but that doesn’t mean the team is “one and done” when it comes to juggling the roster spots.

According to Suns Head Coach Alvin Gentry, expect Leandro Barbosa and Robin Lopez to get the starting nod over Jason Richardson and Channing Frye again, respectively, Wednesday at home vs. the visiting Nets. Lopez racked up a career-high 19 points in 29 minutes vs. the Grizzlies in his first start of the season – his third straight double-digit scoring performance, while LB went 6-of-16 from the field en route to 14 points in 24 minutes. This season, the shooting guard is averaging just under two points a night less than his career numbers.

“We’re trying to get LB going,” said Gentry after Tuesday’s practice.” It wasn’t anything J-Rich had done. We thought that would get Leandro going, and Jason would give us a push off the bench. We just have to take a look at that and see what we can get done.

“LB has been an integral part of this team since I got here. He’s been a guy who’s been able to change games. And when he’s started, he’s had a lot of success. Look back at his record as a starter, and it’s pretty impressive. We’ve tried everything, so we decided to take a look at (lineup changes).

Gentry added that the changes are “not anything that’s permanent” and it will be on a “game-by-game basis” going forward.

“We’re not married to this for the rest of the season,” the head coach said. “It’s something that can change in a week. If we don’t feel like we’re getting it done, Jason can be right there, starting again.    

 “I always put myself in a player’s shoes before I talk to them. If I was Jason and my coach said that, I would be disappointed and (upset). I would never hold that against them. One of the things that make him a really good player is that he’s a competitor, and he wants to be starting. He hasn’t really done anything not to. It’s just a situation where maybe we can get LB going in this capacity. I’m sure Jason is disappointed, and I totally understand that.”

Entering Wednesday’s game with a 24-18 record after dropping four straight, it’s easy to assume heads are permanently hanging low in the Suns locker room – something that the head coach says is definitely not the case.

“I’m sure the guys are a little bit down,” Gentry said. “We had a great opportunity in Indiana and Atlanta. It hurts, but not to the extent where we’re going to feel sorry for ourselves. We’re a happy team. We have fun when we play. We can’t have long faces. It doesn’t benefit anybody.

“At the end of the day, we’re still six games over .500, and we’re still right in the race. Our goal is to make the playoffs, and we’re still in a position to do that.”


    Here is a lineup change for you, trade Amare

  • http://noticias leonfrncisco

    i think you need to work more in paint put amare to tri get fouls opponents

  • mukesh nangia

    I am the biggest Suns fan and I started watching basketball solely because of Steve Nash.
    Right now, the defense and the turnovers are hurting us. The other problem seems to be some careless and casual passes.
    They need to put their hands in the opponents’ faces at the defensive end and they need to keep believing in the run-and-gun style.

  • efren go


  • aldam23

    why not elevate our goal to win it all instead of just entering the post-season?

  • djc

    I think, Alvin Gentry needs to get a backbone and bench his starters; if they’re not ready to commit themselves to a winning season. It’s evident his team has some problems with their ego’s they should be committed to winning for we the fans who watch them and pay to watch whether its in person of television. In addition get rid of steve nash he has no desire to win when it comes to his friend dirk. Regardless of your opinion of this; i have been a life long fan since i was 13 years old over 25 years.

  • Sue

    so, let me get this straight — barbosa can’t get it going so they reward him for that by letting him start and making Jason Richardson come off the bench even though he is the 3rd highest scorer? What the heck kind of coaching is that???? Reward the guys who aren’t doing as well.

  • dimitriy

    this is exactly wat u need a center thats posts up

  • Jacob Padilla

    I agree with the Lopez move and understand the LB move. He’s not rewarding him, he’s just trying to help get him started. His shooting has been off since he’s come back, and there’s nothing like playing with Steve to get you some good shots. djc, I’m sorry but you’re an idiot. He is benching starters. And have you ever watched the Suns when Steve isn’t on thbe court? It can get pretty ugly, this team can’t win w/o him. How does his friendship with Dirk affect his play in any way? That is possibly the stupidest comment I’ve ever seen. Mukesh, that’s exactly how I feel. Good post.

  • Oland

    The point is Gentry gives LB to show what he had, and we already know what LB can do, he is just off because of injury. he is the best guard tandem with Nash I think.

  • slapdogchicken


    The roster is not the problem. The gameplan is! The Suns are successful when they run an IN/OUT/SLASH game. Set up three 3pt. shooters on the perimeter. Take fifteen seconds each possesion to pass the ball around on the perimeter. Make the opponent’s defense run around a bit and tire them out. If they don’t guard us on the perimeter shoot the three ball. If they do come out on us drive around them to the basket. If the path is clear make a lay up. If not either dish off for a dunk or kick it back out to the perimeter for a three point shot. It’s simple so why aren’t we doing all game long. That’s Sun basketball and the only way we are going to win consistently. Have our coaches forgot this game plan?