We are currently on our way out east for a five game trip that will take the next seven days. Up first are the previous streak busters, the Washington Wizards.

Steve Nash is getting closer to the Tom Hanks Casaway character every day.
(Image courtesy of fan Joe Corrao)

This first game should be a very tough one, with the Wizards superstar, Gilbert Arenas having really established him as one of the top marquee players in the league.

Last nights game marked the second time this season that the team has won thirteen or more games. Hopefully we can keep this streak alive for a long time yet. Going along with the streak is the facial hair that many of you may have noticed on several of the guys. It would be great if we could all end up looking like Tom Hanks in castaway, however our wives would probably beg to differ. All I can say is that I have not packed any razors on this trip.
One of my interests outside of family and basketball is classic and American muscle cars. Last week I was able to head down to the Barrett Jackson and Russo and Steele car auctions for a day. What a sight! There were some absolutely incredible cars there. What was perhaps even more remarkable was the turn out of people that had come from all over the world for the events. Hopefully once we get back a successful trip we will be able to see the Phoenix open, something I have not yet seen. From everything that I’ve heard from the other guys its another fun event to be apart of here in the Phoenix area.

The more time I spend in Phoenix the more things I find the city has to offer.

Keep the streak and the beards alive…..

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