That’s right, I’m using Kendrick Perkins’ name as a verb now. That’s because Markieff Morris treated Blake Griffin the same way Griffin treated the Oklahoma City Thunder’s Kendrick Perkins earlier this season, with complete disregard, on a dunk.

If you weren’t paying close enough attention to the Suns’ game against the Clippers Thursday night you might have missed it. That’s because the most monstrous dunk of the year for Phoenix hasn’t exactly been given the praise, at least nationally, that it deserves.

Friend of the blog, Tom Leander would say, Morris “elevated and detonated.” He just happened to use Griffin as the launching pad.

It was the biggest upset of March Madness thus far. It was No. 15 seed Morris State up and over No. 2 seed Blake University. It was the NBA’s version of the movie Face/Off, where the Suns’ rookie became Griffin and Griffin transformed into one his victims.

It’s the kind of dunk, as you can see in the photo above, that is a poster maker’s dream – an image worthy enough to adorn the walls of basketball-obsessed youngsters. It showed sometimes Morr-is better and reminds us why we love this game so much.

The only thing I wonder is why it wasn’t featured in every top 10 list, including Letterman’s, on Thursday night and Friday morning. Maybe it’s that whole West Coast bias. (Oh, wait, should that be East Coast bias?Ah, never mind.) Maybe it was because no one wants to see the human highlight reel get a dose of his own medicine, or maybe it was simply because it was a late West Coast game that couldn’t make it into the shows.

Whatever the reason, it’s a shame it got about as much play as a Weird Al song on a hip-hop station. It has to be my favorite highlight of the Suns’ season so far, and, dare I say, one of the best dunks in Phoenix history.

The question is: Where does it rank in the pantheon of Suns dunks? In my book, there are three levels in that pantheon: “The Untouchables,” “The Awe-inspiring” and “The Rewatchable.”

Morris’ dunk is no KJ over Hakeem. That is the only dunk in “The Untouchables” category, because it happened in the playoffs and the size differential was the equivalent of Verne Troyer over Michael Clarke Duncan. You can also add the KJ over ‘Hot Rod’ Williams dunk in there too (he rode Williams like a pony, so it’s in).

It’s better than any slam in the dunk contest, because it took place in a game and it didn’t need any gimmicks to make it cool. Those all fall in “The Rewatchable” level.

That means it falls squarely in “The Awe-inspiring” level, along with Tom Chambers’ over Mark Jackson and Chambers’ impressive dunk over three future hall of famers in Boston.

Morris’ dunk was both powerful and memorable – mostly thanks to who it came against.

Both Morris and Griffin were in the NBA’s Rising Stars Game at All-Star weekend, but on Thursday night Morris rose a little higher. It’s a moment you’ll likely remember from this season – if you were lucky enough to see it, that is.

What is your favorite dunk in Suns history?

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  • nate

    What’s even worse is it didn’t even make it into ESPN’s recap of the game. If it doesn’t make their weekly Top Ten list, it can be debated. But to leave it out of the recap of the game? That’s just defenseless. They showed a bunch of highlights of Blake hitting jumpers in the first quarter, then the final score. No dunk, no “down from 17 comeback.” What a crock.

  • marquisr

    a my dude is on his way with that dunk!!!! so amare…we love u…but the time has come!!! shanon brown needs to give us one

  • Johnny

    If not KJ over Hakeem, Amare over Tolliver…vicious.