We just met you, and this is crazy, but what’s your number, tell us maybe?

All right, no pop star – or is that one hit wonder – will be making a song about rookie point guard Kendall Marshall and what number he’ll decide to wear in the NBA, but it is a question fans have been asking and tweeting about for the better part of two weeks.

Sure, it may seem like a trivial thing, like whether or not Green Day’s “21 Guns” sounds like the Full House theme song (it does), but it’s something fans of both Marshall and the Suns take seriously.

Numbers are important to three types of people: numerologists, bankers and sports fans. Whether it’s the statistics of players or what they decide to wear on their back, fans become obsessive about them. Well, you can put your mind at ease, because the wait to find out what number Marshall will be wearing when he dons the Suns’ purple and orange for the first time is over.

Since the number he wore in college at North Carolina, No. 5, is retired in honor of the “Original Sun” Dick Van Arsdale, Marshall has decided to wear No. 12. It was a decision that came pretty easily for him.

“12 or 11 [were what I wanted] and Markieff has eleven so I wasn’t going to get that,” the rookie expressed. “12 was actually my first number. I wanted to wear it in college but Phil Ford had it retired. Really I’m just going back to my original number.”

While some players choose their numbers based on sentimental or elaborate reasons, Marshall’s thinking was quite simplistic.

“Before my number was 3, and I got to an AAU team when I was younger and that was taken so I did one plus two,” he shared.

So there you have it. Marshall will be No. 12 on the court this season. Just don’t expect him to follow suit on Twitter.

“Kbutter5 means too much to me… I’m keepin it.”

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