Matt Barnes lists playing with Grant Hill among his highlights of the 2008-09 season.

Hey fans, just wanted to make sure I check back in with you before this 2008-09 season comes to an end. You know, it’s kind of tough to swallow, having all of the talent we have here and to still be going home in a couple of days. I know the team is frustrated but right now our focus is on finishing the season strong. We owe that to our fans and want to be able to give the young guys a little bit of time to play.

A lot of people have asked me what the biggest obstacle was for us to overcome this season and why we feel we came up just short of the postseason. As far as losing Amar’e Stoudemire, no team goes through a season without injuries so that’s just something tough you always have to deal with. Coaching changes are tough too but that’s also just a part of this business. We aren’t going to use any excuses, we know we still had our chances and just didn’t get it done.

It’s frustrating and it’s going to be very hard to watch the playoffs this year. It’s been a tough, roller coaster season and it’s very disappointing to all of us that it’s coming to an end. We feel we’re better than a number of teams that will be participating in the postseason and that’s just very tough for us to deal with. It’s also very tough because, for me personally, it was a very big season off the court with seeing my twins being born and getting a family started. Such a very special season off the court, I just wish it could’ve translated to being more special on it. Like I said though, we do feel we owe it to our fans to go out there and play hard these last couple of games. They come out and support us and we want to show them that we appreciate that support.

I think the one thing I will take away from this season is having a chance to meet all these guys. Not everybody could say they had the opportunity to play with Steve Nash or to play with Shaquille O’Neal so I’m very appreciative for having had the chance to do that this season. Grant Hill was my favorite player growing up so that too was very special, getting the chance to play alongside him.

As far as being a free agent, we’ll see what happens from here. I would definitely like to get a chance at playing here with these guys at full strength and seeing what we could do. I want to close out my blogging for this year by thanking the fans. You’ve really made me feel right at home this season and I’m sorry we couldn’t come through for you. Thanks for making my family and I comfortable here in the Valley, and no matter what happens from this point forward, I want you to know how much we’ve appreciated it.

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