Nash visits the gravesite of cancer treatment activist Terry Fox.

In an ironic turn for Suns fans, Steve Nash is once again being listed as a “Maverick.” Thankfully, it’s only for his directorial debut at this month’s Toronto Film Festival.

Nominated in the festival’s “Mavericks” category alongside entries from Bruce Springsteen and Bill Gates, the All-Star point guard will be north of the border to introduce the premiere of “Into the Wind” – his and cousin Ezra Holland’s filmmaking homage to cancer treatment activist Terry Fox, who embarked on an inspiring 3,339-mile “Marathon of Hope” across Canada during the summer of 1980.

“He lifted a whole country,” Nash told a few months ago. “For a guy with a prosthetic leg to run a marathon a day for 143 straight days on the highway surrounded by trucks and people, it was an incredible feat. It was a very impactful lesson to us about perseverance, unselfishness and one man’s quest to do something greater than himself.

“That’s the greatness of what Terry did – the legacy. The Terry Fox Foundation has raised a half-billion dollars the last 30 years. His story is still told in schools. People still do the Terry Fox Run around the world. That kind of legacy and impact can only happen when someone proves to people they’re special.”

The film will make its TV debut later this month as part of ESPN’s 30-for-30 documentary series.

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