On Monday, January 12, Hall of Fame broadcaster Al McCoy was a special guest speaker at the opening session of Arizona State Sentate. McCoy was invited to speak by Senate President Bob Burns, who like McCoy, originally hails from Iowa.

During his speech, McCoy spoke about growing up on a farm in Iowa and how all of the farmers in the area would band together to help harvest each other’s crops. McCoy went on to talk about Pearl Harbor and how the country rallied behind that event to produce a victory in World War II.

Then lastly, the famed announcer switched gears and started talking about hoops. He shared some stories and lessons from the 1975-76 “Sunderella Suns” and how their commitment to teamwork made for a magical season. Once they came together collectively, they made a fabled run to the NBA Finals before narrowly losing to a historic Boston Celtics club.

While McCoy was able to impart some wisdom to the legislature, he felt like he came away as the benefactor.

“It was a surprise when I was asked to speak before the opening of the Arizona State Legislature,” the broadcasting legend said. “I considered it a privilege and an honor and it was probably the most unique audience that I have ever spoken before. It was a challenge, but it was one that I really enjoyed.”

Click here to see video of the Voice of the Suns at the Arizona State Senate.

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