Over the years there have been numerous honors bestowed upon Ann Meyers Drysdale. Whether it was the first athletic scholarship given to a woman at UCLA, a trip to the Olympics, being the first woman to ever be invited to participate in an NBA training camp or winning WNBA titles as the architect of the Phoenix Mercury, she has done it all. Well, almost.

Things will come full circle for Ann on June 14 when she’ll return to UCLA for another honor. She will be dispensing wisdom to the graduates of the College of Letters and Science’s as the commencement ceremonies speaker.

“We are so pleased that Ann could be our inaugural speaker,” Chancellor Gene Block said via press release. “Her record as a role model, leader, inspirational speaker, outstanding citizen, and extraordinary professional and college athlete makes her the ideal candidate to provide a motivational send-off to our College graduates.”

Ann returns to her college stomping grounds where she led the UCLA women’s basketball team from 1974-78. In her senior season she recorded the first quadruple-double in Division I history and later that year led the Bruins to a national title.

While she achieved much in her time as a student at the university, this is a recognition that is as important to her as any that have come before it.

“I am humbly honored and moved by UCLA’s generosity and trust in me,” Meyers Drysdale said.

(H/T Daily Bruin)

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