When you work for a professional sports team or in media there’s one unwritten rule everyone knows you’re never supposed to break. It’s a rule that is simple yet important: remain unbiased by not cheering in the press box.

Then again, rules are made to be broken.

On Saturday night it was next to impossible not to cheer in the press box — or anywhere for that matter– and root for what was taking place on the court at US Airways Center. No, not the Suns victory — although that was fun and something everyone wanted to see — but rather watching a man achieve something he wasn’t sure was possible anymore.

Michael Redd hadn’t started an NBA game — we’re pretty sure he didn’t start any rec league or YMCA games either — since January 10, 2010 when he was a member of the Bucks. He got the chance on Saturday night against the Bobcats, but that’s not the story. It’s what he did with the opportunity that made it an evening worthy of recognition.

Two knee surgeries, hundreds of hours of rehab and lots of personal reflection had led up to that moment and Redd seized it. He led the Suns in scoring with a season-high 17 points on 6-of-12 shooting.

Comebacks aren’t rare in sports. They’re kind of like Adam Sandler movies. They come around once a year and usually create a marginal amount of buzz before being forgotten. If you’ve gotten the chance to speak with Redd though, you know it’s different with him.

He is one of the nicest professional athletes you’ll meet. Someone who is visibly humbled by the journey that has brought him to the Phoenix Suns and happy to accept where ever it will lead him.

That became very apparent in the locker room following the game. As he sat in the mesh-backed chair in front of his locker, there was a look of peace on his face, coupled with a hint of joy. He looked like a man who had some of the weight of a two-year long journey that took him from the edge, and back lifted. His words to reporters showed it, as well.

“This was one of the proudest moments of my career,” Redd said of his performance. “And to get the win was obviously the key. But to come back through the tears, the hurt, the hours of rehab and training to come back and accomplish this, may be the most proudest moment of my career actually.”

While Redd returned to his reserve role on Monday, he continued to show just how far he has come. He helped provide a spark off the bench scoring 10 points against the Hawks in the team’s second straight win. The magic continued on Tuesday in a homecoming of sorts in Milwaukee as he scored 14 points against his former team. His efforts off the bench helped lead the Suns to another thrilling victory.

They say nice guys finish last. In this case, hopefully whoever ‘they’ are, are wrong. Redd is the kind of nice guy that you hope finishes first.

After three big games it has become abundantly clear, he’s the kind of guy you root for to make a full comeback and shock the NBA world. Even if you have to break the rules a few times and do it from the press box.

Are you rooting for Michael Redd’s comeback?

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  • Phil Shultz

    Definitely I’m rooting for Redd ! I hope he has more than just a recovery but also sharpens his skills from what they used to be when he was at his height with the Bucks, and playing with someone like Steve Nash who has more than proven you can continue to improve your skill with age I believe Redd is likely to attain a starting position with the Suns.

    You can do it Redd !!!

  • Ana Sanchez


  • Lisa Camp

    Yes!! Micheal Redd is an example in so many “arena’s” and I want him to stay for a long time to come!

  • http://www.fandonation.com D Martin

    Go, Michael Redd! My new favorite player – next to Steve Nash

  • Bob Birket

    Of course Michael is worth rooting for. Why wouldn’t we all root for such a humble, hard working determined young man. After what Michael Redd has been through, it’s truly inspiring to watch him play once again. I just hope that he continues to improve and that the Suns management will be smart enough to keep him around. He deserves it.

  • Mike Mockus

    I’m a Bucks fan and will be at tonites game…rooting for the Bucks to win…but also cheering on Redd as an individual player. He provided many years of exciting basketball to the fans of Milwaukee…I’m sure he’ll be welcomed back with open arms!

  • Leonard P. Miller

    Michael Redd has been class of the league for a long time. Phoenix made a great move acquiring him. He will contribute mightily.

  • paul sharfin

    sweet guy go michael

  • Adam C

    Go Redd! Change his name to Orange and keep him!

  • Zjfunk

    This is a great story, go redd go suns go buckeyes

  • http://blog.suns.com/2012/02/5805 Roy Mabe,Jr.

    I am rooting for Michael Redd to make a comeback from all the injuries he’s had in his career,because when he’s playing well he’sone of the best players in the league.

  • pam dotson

    Good for you Michael!Proud of you during Buckeye days and proud of you now!

  • http://blog.suns.com Mike “Bords” Bordner

    I was the trainer at Ohio State during Michael’s years with us. As such, I got to have the privledge to get to know Michael at a level few are fortunate enough to get. He was one of the 2 or 3 classiest kids it has been my pleasure to know. When Michael got hurt the 1st time I was sick.After the 2nd one I was devistated. But I always knew deep within me that Michael would overcome his trials and once again start to enjoy playing the game he so dearly loves,and all the time and tremendous effort he put in getting well was worth very sweat and,I am sure,teardrop
    Way to go Michael. Way to go my dear and cherished friend. Good guys do finish first. You are the man homeboy!!

  • Donald Garvin

    Only God knows the trials Michael Redd has endured. With His help,Michael is ready to again be a ‘basketball star’.
    Be like Mike!

  • Dean Schiller

    Talk about more role models kids need. This is your man! Go Michael, God bless!