At this point during the summer, you’re probably looking for anything new about the Suns or the Phoenix Suns players.

Steve Nash visited Vancouver in July to open his new sports club and to participate in his charity classic. 

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To help fill that void, updated three Steve Nash videos today regarding Steve’s events in Vancouver earlier this summer. You probably remember several of the articles and videos discussing this event right after it happened. The reason more videos are coming out now? The awesome Phoenix Suns Productions guys had so many hours of exclusive video it took awhile to edit it all for online consumption!

First up is the Press Conference before the Steve Nash Charity Classic. The funniest part of the press conference in my opinion? When asked about the Charity Game, Steve said, “I like to play hard. But I’m just looking forward to not getting my nose busted, not getting kneed in the groin and no suspensions.” I was really impressed with how Steve was so open with everyone during the conference. It was a good conference and well worth the listen. Just like anyone with their hometown, Steve is proud of where he’s from and he is excited to show it to his friends. He mentioned Raja Bell several times in the press conference and Raja even attended. Finally, he mentioned some interesting projects the funds from the Charity Game will be going to including building a clean, self-sustainable water source for a community in Paraguay.

Up next is the Steve Nash Sports Club opening. According to the Steve Nash Sports Club site, “When Steve Nash was approached about developing a sports club he knew two things: he wanted to promote fitness as part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle, and he wanted the club to be in his hometown province of British Columbia. From collaborating with a successful team, to emphasizing the importance of sustainable design and choosing the club’s location, the Steve Nash Sports Club reflects Steve’s vision.”

The video shows Steve in a mini-press conference and then signing autographs for fans. I couldn’t believe how excited some of the fans were. One fan looked like she might shake Steve’s arm right off when she shook his hand. He seemed to enjoy meeting all of the fans but you could tell he really enjoyed meeting the kids and signing things for them. Two kids even got their foreheads signed! It was a great thing to see! One of the main things Steve said he wanted to do when the club was built was limiting the gym’s “eco-footprint”. It’s interesting to hear him talk about how that affected the planning and what was used to build and maintain the club.

The last video is footage of the Charity Classic itself. The first several minutes of the video show Raja Bell, Steve Nash and other players signing autographs and around the fans. One sign in the video says, “Our Nash-ional Hero.” Sure, we’ve seen that sign before but still it’s got to make Steve feel good to have the people where he grew up so supportive. Something else I found interesting was that after nearly every signature Steve gave the person said, “Thank you.” These aren’t just “celebrity hounds” or people looking to get an autograph so they can sell it. They are there to see the players and enjoy the time around them.

After the fan stuff, keep watching to get a duet by Steve Nash and Leandro Barbosa. It’s a classic. And after some player interviews and the introductions of the players, the game actually begins. If you’ve been dying to get a look at the Phoenix Suns’ draft picks, check out the highlights of the game. Alando Tucker shows how high he can jump and if he can learn to do this in a real NBA game, he’s going to be a great addition to the Suns lineup. In fact, after the game footage wait until you get the Leandro Barbosa interview and you’ll see how impressed Tucker’s teammates are with him. If anything, you should watch the Barbosa interview just because it’s fun to watch him. He’s definitely a great interviewee and doesn’t ever seem bored with a question.

Overall, these are some great videos that are worth the time spent in watching them. These should fill your Phoenix Suns tank up for a little bit while we all wait for the preseason to get under way in several weeks.

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