The Clippers’ Blake Griffin has made his name uncorking some ridiculous dunks over his fellow NBA brethren. But on Thursday night, Suns rookie Markieff Morris turned the tables on the Clippers star.

Taking a sweet dish from Suns point guard Sebastian Telfair, Morris rose up and threw down a one-handed jam over Griffin, giving the second-year All-Star a dose of his own medicine. Check it out in the video above.

If you hadn’t seen the dunk, don’t worry, not many other have people saw it either. It was left off of the NBA TV’s Top 10, as well as SportsCenter’s Top 10.

Is calling this a C-O-N-S-P-I-R-A-C-Y? Nah, we wouldn’t do that.

But we would like to know why you guys think it didn’t make the cut…

  • Ivan

    They didn’t want to embarrass Griffin and make him cry.

  • Paul Pinewood

    They don’t like Blake to be Griffinized by a rookie. Great job, Markieff!

  • Lynn

    Ha! Ivan got it exactly right! Those magic red shoes didn’t work this time, Blake, and you DID look ready to cry!

  • lelan hingson

    nba politics, same reason marion hardly ever made it but you always see lebron on there for one of his break away tomahawks, there are always better dunks that get left off cuz their not a big name.

  • Andy

    Comon guys, you know the Suns get no respect around the league. Nash is the only superstar player that gets treated like a rookie.

    Turn on SportsCenter and if your name is not Kobe, LeBron or Carmelo you get no air time.

  • Maya

    I think it was not on NBA TV’s Top 10 because Blake is already being humiliated by his free throws. Back-to-Back air balls at the foul line! That is enough punishment there is videos on YouTube, Nba Video of the air balls.