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Team Shaq’s Minister of Information has gotten to Suns power forward Markieff Morris.

Recently, the Suns rookie was lobbying to play for former Suns power forward Charles Barkley in tonight’s BBVA Rising Stars game because of Sir Charles’ support of Morris and Kansas during last season’s NCAA Tournament. However, after being drafted by Shaquille O’Neal for tonight’s contest, Morris has quickly changed his tune.

“Nah, it’s cool,” Morris said about being drafted to Team Shaq over Team Chuck. “Shaq was still a Phoenix guy so I’m still happy. We’ve got (former Suns player and front office member) Steve Kerr (as a coach) too, so it still works out for the best.”

On Morris’ squad is the Clippers’ Blake Griffin, the Knicks’ Jeremy Lin and the Wolves’ Ricky Rubio and they’ll face the likes of Washington’s John Wall and the Cavs’ Kyrie Irving. In his first experience ever at All-Star Weekend, Morris was taken aback by the amount of activity and media attention in Orlando.

However, he’s still looking forward to the experience.

“It’s a great honor,” the former Kansas standout said. “I didn’t know that I was going to be chosen. I just tried to play hard and I’m just happy to be here and represent the Suns.”

Although Morris has enjoyed visiting with his mother, Angel, and the rest of his family here for the game, the Suns rookie is going to leave town to go watch his alma mater play tomorrow.

“I’m actually leaving tomorrow to go watch Kansas-Missouri,” he said. “That’s what I’m doing on my day off.”

But that will all only come after he takes care of business for Shaq.

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