Ever since I was a little girl I loved being a dancer and had always dreamed of dancing for my profession. However, it wasn’t until this year that my lifelong dream was realized. I was named one of the 16 women to become a Phoenix Suns Dancer! All those years of training had finally paid off and my journey with the Suns had just begun!

Trying out for the Phoenix Suns dance team was an experience in itself! Walking into the area surrounded by 450 beautiful and talented young women vying for one of the 16 spots was very intimidating. After the long tryout process was over and the 32 finalists were done dancing for the day they brought us into a room and told us they had something they had to announce. We all sat in anticipation. As Cedric Ceballos walked in the room all of our nerves skyrocketed! They were taping us the whole time and we all thought maybe he would announce the team right then! He slowly pulled out the first card and said the first member of the Phoenix Sun’s Dancers is… and as he turned the card around it read, “visit”. I could feel my nerves relax a little, but I knew they would return soon after.  We then had to wait two whole weeks to find out who made the final team. My parents flew me to Florida for a short family vacation and then back to Iowa (where I am from originally) to try and relieve stress while spending some quality family time. I wasn’t even able to watch the Sun’s Dancer reveal show because it was only televised locally and I was in Iowa. I unsuccessfully tried to watch the Olympics to take my mind off everything.. Then finally 11:00 PM came around and I sat with my family around my computer. They started announcing the team and when they had passed through to the 16th member I was pretty much freaking out. 32 amazing girls and only one spot left! Finally, Ced turned over the last card and it was my picture, I sat there in complete disbelief just staring at the screen. I couldn’t believe it, I was now a Phoenix Suns Dancer! 

The year started off in a whirlwind of as we were given the opportunity to travel to Palm Springs to perform at the first ever, on United States soil, outdoor basketball game! Being out there dancing I stood there looking up at the thousands of fans and took a moment to think to myself what an amazing once in a lifetime opportunity I was experiencing; I truly felt blessed. The trip was fantastic and I was able to meet many of the staff of the Phoenix Suns, who were all so amazing! The Phoenix Suns really do have the best staff in the NBA. Every single person I have met this year through the Suns has been absolutely incredible and completely welcoming! 

The next big adventure for me was doing our swimsuit calendar shoot. What an opportunity! I was able to meet Maggie at Everything but Water and try on different swimsuits. We chose three and when we got to the shoot we narrowed it to the one we would wear. I loved my swimsuit and after Kayla did my makeup I felt like a super model! Barry did a fantastic job and all the girls were so excited when the calendar came out. We all loved our pictures and were so proud to be a part of the first ever Suns Dancer swimsuit calendar! 

Even though there are only a few months left in the season there are still amazing opportunities coming up. Next week, I am so excited to be able to be a part of the NBA All-Star Events! Also, in a little over a week, I will be skydiving with the Golden Knights! Ever since I was little I have wanted to go skydiving and being able to go with the best is incredibly exciting, a little scary, but definitely exciting! 

So far my experience as a Suns Dancer has been absolutely unbelievable. I have made some amazing friends and have met some great people all as part of my job. I really could not ask for a better job and I have been cherishing each moment here with the Suns that I have been given.

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