With everybody gearing up for the Suns’ season, there’s no better way to get pumped up for it than watching the Suns 2010-11 Tip-Off Special.

Suns Productions has produced the show that will air Friday night on My45 at 9 p.m. There will also be several re-airings in HD on Fox Sports Arizona starting on Wednesday, October 20 at 6 p.m. and 9 p.m.

Tom Leander is the host with Eddie Johnson going one-on-one with new addition Josh Childress and playoff hero Jason Richardson.

Alvin Gentry will be wired up and stressing DEFENSE during training camp in La Jolla, California. You’ll also take a ride with fan-favorite Jared Dudley around his old San Diego stomping ground. Plus you’ll hear from newcomers Hakim Warrick and Hedo Turkoglu on why they’re excited to be in Phoenix.

So curl up on the couch or set your DVR and enjoy the show!

  • JAS

    Looking forward to the tip off special, more so than the thought of what a brutal year we Suns fans are about endure. Look, I know all about team support and yes, I take our Suns good or bad and this season believe me were going to see plenty of ugly. My question is why does Miami, LA, Boston, Orlando and now Oklahoma City seem to build these power teams and Phoenix still waits for a championship? Could it be that were the unlucky benefactors of an owner who sees moths fly out his wallet when it opens? Steve Kerr didn’t leave because he wanted to go back to broadcasting, the writing was on the wall. Nash and Hill are gone next year, so is JRich, where do go from there? What, Carmello doesn’t like beautiful weather? I say possibly a closing of our wallets just might spur some activity in the big name player market. I know for sure packing the arena every game to watch whats been put together this year is not going to get it done.