The NBA has a lot more than 140 characters that play in it but not all of them can show their personality and express themselves in 140 characters or less.

The Phoenix Suns’ roster is full of character guys, but it also just happens to be home to more than a few guys who have mastered the art of the tweet the way Charles Barkley has mastered the art of making jokes at the expense of Ernie Johnson. Whether it’s directly communicating with fans, sharing humorous anecdotes or rooting for one of their favorite soccer clubs — we’re looking at you @SteveNash — they’ve used the new media medium as a platform to connect with people across the globe.

Two of the most active are the aforementioned Nash who, like he does with pretty much everything, has become an all-world talent on Twitter and Jared Dudley who, like on the court, has become a social media favorite through hard work and dedication to the craft.

Whether it’s Steve tweeting out another example of his humorous side or Jared sharing a new episode of JMZ, the two have found their niche online.

It’s not just the 800,000+ people that follow them that notice either. It’s national basketball websites too. Both Nash and Dudley are up for this year’s HoopsHype 2011 Tweeter of the Year.

Currently Nash is leading the field of 16 and Dudley is not far behind in third. If Nash’s lead holds up it will be the second consecutive year he won the award (Nash being named the best at something in back-to-back years? Yeah, he’s familiar with that.)

If you enjoy two of the Suns’ bigger characters, make sure to cast your vote here and show them some support.

What’s your favorite thing about following athletes on social media?

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