Just as savvy in multi-media world as he is on the court, Steve Nash conducted an interview via Twitter on Wednesday for all of his tweeple.

The way the interview unfolded was that fans tweeted to @NBA with their questions for him, and then @NBA tweeted out his answers. You can also see his answers by looking Nash up under his Twitter name (@the_real_nash).

Fans asked him about a variety of subjects, including his passion for soccer, his relationship with the Clippers’ Baron Davis, mustaches, being a point guard, whether he can still dunk, his love for hockey and Paula Abdul. At one point, the Suns’ All-Star complemented Atlanta’s Al Horford, which then prompted Nash to send a shout out to his Dominican friends (Horford is Dominican) in Spanish.

One of the most intriguing questions came from @asdfeijadsk, who asked the Canadian superstar if he’d rather win an Oscar for directing or an NBA Championship. Nash replied, “Tough one! NBA title coz of years put in. Films aren’t black&white like ball.”

@spreaditaround asked the two-time MVP who’s the most talented teammate he’s ever played with and Nash responded that it was Amar’e Stoudemire. When @asiftherock questioned if STAT was even more talented than Dallas’ Dirk Nowitzki, Nash said that Stoudemire was indeed more talented than the Maverick forward and former MVP.

If you want to check out all of Nash’s answers, head to @NBA or @the_real_nash on Twitter. For everything to do with the Phoenix Suns, head to @PhoenixSuns on Twitter.

  • binary basketball

    You know, I really wish I didn’t miss this interview but sad to say I had no idea it was even going on. And to think they even brought up the subject of whether or not Steve Nash can dunk once again.

    I’m definitely going have to have to set my feeds to watch out for something like this again. I’ve even documented quite a bit of the social streams and web shenanigans by some of these NBA players and it’s fun to see them get more involved with the fans through the controlled havoc and chaos of the Internet. Dwyane Wade just got caught up singing live recently. Got that video… Keep up the good work.