(Noah Graham/NBAE/Getty Images)

(Noah Graham/NBAE/Getty Images)

A lot of professional athletes believe that they are obligated to give back to the community because of everything the community has given them. Steve Nash believes differently.

He doesn’t believe that just athletes are required to donate their time and money; he believes that every person is obligated to give back.

In a blog for Athletes for Hope, several notable names from sports such as Mario Lemieux, Alonzo Mourning, Tony Hawk, Mia Hamm, Jeff Gordon and Ben Roethlisberger gave their thoughts about the value of influencing the community in a positive manner. In Nash’s blog, not only did he illustrate why everyone should chip in, but relayed what the positive results would be if he did.

The two-time MVP said, “There’s no one that’s too busy to take time every day to help out someone else — no one — and how would we change if we took that on?”

Nash went further by talking about his efforts in Canada, Paraguay, Uganda and in Arizona to help underserved children receive health and educational services critical to their growth. The six-time All-Star believes that aiding children in need not only helps them, but the community in which the child resides.

For all of Nash’s thoughts on giving back, click here.

  • Pat Volk

    Hi Steve: I am also a Canadian, live in Calgary, and totally agree with your blog on giving back. I played basketball in school, and then after graduation, I played on a Senior Ladies’ team for about 18 years. Perhaps you know Darlene Currie who was a teacher in Vancouver, and was very instrumental in
    furthering basketball and other sports. She is now retired but is still very active physically and as well is on many Boards re sport. Her motto is “Sport for Life”. I played with Darlene in Calgary for many years, and also played on a team of 65+ year old gals in 2005 in the World Masters’ Games in Edmonton. Incidentally we won a Gold Medal, and there was a Documentary made about our team: “The Oldest Basketball Team in the World”. For 17 years I was a volunteer at our Community and coached Basketbal & Baseball for girls, and also helped my husband, and later my son, coaching boys hockey & lacrosse. I got much enjoyment from those years.
    I spend 3 months, January, February, & March in Mesa, Arizona, and watch as
    many Suns’ games as I can get on TV, also watch them in Calgary when they are available. Would love to see the Suns go all the way and WIN. PAT VOLK

  • http://nbavideostream.com NBA Video

    Steve Nash is a true leader, not of basketball players but of human beings. Every time I turn around it seems he is doing something for somebody else.