In between dishing out dimes, running a charity and building a production company, Suns point guard Steve Nash also finds the time to… juggle.

Appearing on, Nash issued an athletic challenge to the digital universe. The challenge wasn’t how many consecutive free throws someone could make or who could make the most three-pointers with a blindfold.

Nope. The two-time NBA MVP challenged viewers to a soccer-juggling contest. In this seven-minute-plus video, Nash kept the ball in the air for 685 touches.

The remarkable aspect of it was that he didn’t use his knees or his head. He relied only on his feet.

And oh yeah, he didn’t even use a soccer ball. He used a basketball, which of course, is an added degree of difficulty.

When I asked him about only juggling it 685 times, he cracked, “Yeah, it was an off-day.”

  • almaherself

    this man never lets anything get in his way of being the best! Love Steve!

  • http://none Jerry Senzee

    Steve has more fun than he should be allowed to have. I bet he will produce some really good movies too, down the line.