Taking the lead from teammate Jared Dudley, Suns guard Steve Nash was named Hoops Hype’s first-ever “Tweeter of the Year” for 2011. Dudley, who was recognized as the Most Valuable Tweeter in a blog on HoopsHype in 2009, was there as Nash accepted this inaugural award.

“I feel very fortunate that people want to hear what I have to say,” the Suns playmaker told HoopsHype. “I know I can be prophetic… sometimes pathetic, but I have to thank my competitor and inspiration @JaredDudley619.”

Since Dudley never received a plaque for that honor in 2009, the two-time MVP made a promise to Dudley that every other weekend the two will rotate the location of the plaque. One weekend it will be on Nash’s mantle, the next week it will be on Dudley’s.

Nash said that Twitter is a “great opportunity to be in touch with fans and people. For me, personally, it’s great because not only do I get to be informed with news, current events, sports, whatever it may be, but also with my fans.”

His activity on Twitter and Facebook stems from a responsibility to share a little more with fans and reward them for their loyalty. For the entire video interview of Nash on HoopsHype, click here.

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