After producing a heartfelt documentary about Terry Fox that aired on ESPN last week, Suns superstar Steve Nash returned to his comedic roots with a video series that he produced for EA SPORTS.

Nash directed and produced (along with his cousin, Ezra Holland) the FIFA Soccer 11 viral series, a series of video vignettes featuring Nash and LA Galaxy star Landon Donovan. The series, which aired its first installment today, is designed to promote EA SPORTS’ latest version of the popular video game.

FIFA Soccer, which is the world’s most popular video game, will also be the center of the EA SPORTS Pro Player Challenge. The Pro Player Challenge a new competition was created to find the best FIFA Soccer 11 gamer among professional soccer players.

The competition began last week with New York Red Bulls and will continue with tournaments featuring players from MLS teams, as well as pro teams and players throughout Europe. In this first video that Nash and Holland produced for the series, Nash and Donovan exchange a little trash talk about facing each other in the Pro Player Challenge.

Check out the video above and enjoy…

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