(Noah Graham/NBAE/Getty Images)

The first returns are in for the 2011 NBA All-Star balloting and Suns guard Steve Nash is in the hunt for getting voted in as a starter.

Currently, the Lakers’ Kobe Bryant and the Thunder’s Kevin Durant are leading the Western Conference in votes, while the Magic’s Dwight Howard and the Heat’s LeBron James lead the Eastern Conference. Bryant is the overall leader with 722,682 votes.

As it stands, Bryant, the Hornets’ Chris Paul and the Spurs’ Manu Ginobili are ahead of Nash in the ballots for Western Conference guards. To be named a starter and guarantee himself a spot in the game, he will have to surpass Paul, who he trails by approximately 200,000 votes.

The 2011 NBA All-Star Game, which will air live at 8 p.m. ET on TNT, will be played at STAPLES Center in Los Angeles on Sunday, February 20.

To send Nash to L.A. for All-Star, click here!

  • JAS

    I’m glad to see any Suns player named to the All-Star game and Nash deserves to go, defensive liabilities or not. Although I personally don’t believe he ever attained the level of “superstar” the guy has been a tremendously talented player for years.

  • Nancy James

    I haven’t been voting for all star selections, because didn’t notice that voting was going on. I always vote multiple times for Nash! Would be helpful if the Suns site placed a link to the voting in a prominent place on the home page. Thanks!

  • amy chrisman

    I’m so excited to see Nash with the all stars. The only time I watch the NBA is when the Suns are involved. They are just a great team with great people playing. I could watch Steve Nash play all the time. He is just great and plays the game smart and well. I wish he was more reconginized for the way he plays pall. To me Steve is the best guard and one of the smartest players out there