(Stefan Swiat/Suns.com)

Although “Linsanity” has briefly calmed down a little, that didn’t stop the media from mobbing Suns point guard Steve Nash at All-Star about Knicks playmaker Jeremy Lin.

The comparisons between the two became so repetitive that at one point, Nash started kidding that his transcript be read back to reporters asking him the same questions over and over again. But as a former floor general in Mike D’Antoni’s offense, it was interesting to hear what the two-time MVP had to say about Lin.

“It’s fairytale,” he said. “(The Knicks were) a desperate team, with a desperate fan base and the most unlikely of saviors.”

But Nash, who lives in the Big Apple during the offseason, also remembers briefly competing against Lin when he was in Golden State. And he remembers being in Lin’s position early in his career in Phoenix.

“You could tell he was a good player,” the Suns All-Star said. “It’s hard in this league. There are a lot of good players in this league he was playing behind good players in Golden State.”

Of the comparisons between the two, Nash doesn’t make much of them.

“There are similarities for sure,” he said, citing the obvious such as getting in the paint. “But if you wanted to, you could some similarities between me and Blake Griffin.”

When everyone asked what those similarities would be, Nash responded with a grin, “Muscle mass and jumping ability.”

  • Pepe

    Too funny, Nash. nice one!

  • Titi

    Humble player unlike Kobe

  • Jimmy Hackeysack

    Classic Steve Nash, totally love him!