Steve Nash took a few minutes before the 2008-09 season to talk to Outside Magazine.  The full interview is now online.  Some excerpts:

  • On staying in shape: I think I’ve always been one of the harder workers by necessity. You know, my gifts as a basketball player are different, and one of them is my commitment, perseverance, hard work.
  • On eating on the road: When I’m on the road, I try to find a really healthy nutritional bar, or take a bag of almonds or cashews, or get my hands on some fruit, and just be very picky about the types of stuff I eat in a hotel or restaurant.
  • On consistentcy in shooting: [I'm] consciously finding that groove, that rhythm, footwork, balance, timing, that rhythm that when the ball’s going in it feels great. I just try to find that every day and reinforce it.
  • On filmmaking: My cousin’s been a director making commercials and music videos for about five years. We just have a great working relationship, so we just joined forces. We just like being creative, making things, coming up with ideas and seeing them through, and having fun with it. It’s a really fun outlet for us.

Read the full interview at Outside Online.

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