Could this duo be the next Lucas and Spielberg?
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Steve Nash may be known for his shooting prowess on the court, but now he’s becoming recognized for his shooting off of it… movies that is.

Nash’s production company Meathawk, which he started with his cousin and filmmaker Ezra Holland, has commenced shooting their first documentary this year. ESPN has commissioned the company to make the documentary about Canadian runner Terry Fox.

Fox, who like Nash, is from British Columbia, was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a form of cancer that forced doctors to amputate the majority of his right leg. A few years after losing his leg at age 18, Fox became a hero in Canada when he decided to run from the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean in an attempt to raise money for cancer research. At a pace of 23.3 miles a day, Fox ran 3,339 miles on one leg before being forced to stop because of his cancer.

“Well I thought it was a unique story to tell in the United States,” the two-time MVP said. “Terry Fox is a part of our cultural fabric in Canada, but he’s largely forgotten in the United States.

“For the younger generation, it is a story untold. It’s an opportunity to talk about a great athlete, a great person and a have a little bit of a different twist on a sports documentary.”

Fox is regarded as a cultural icon throughout Canada. There are “Terry Fox Runs” across the country, schools that bear his name and even a mountain named after him.

“He’s perhaps our greatest figure in Canada,” Nash said.

This effort all started with Nash, who pitched ESPN personally. With ESPN’s 30th anniversary coming up later this year, the network is doing a documentary series entitled 30 for 30. The series will consist of 30 different stories for all 30 years that the cable network has been in existence.

“They liked the idea, they took some time to think about it and the more they thought about it, the more they liked it,” the six-time All-Star said. “I feel lucky that they believed in my passion for the story.”

Nash’s documentary is slotted to premiere in April 2010.

But in the meantime, the Suns point guard is working quietly on a few other projects with his production company. He said that he’s even teaming with L.A. Clippers guard Baron Davis and his production company on a few upcoming projects.

What are they working on? Well, that will be revealed in due time.

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