When Eric Bledsoe, Alex Len and other Phoenix Suns take the stage at Fashion Square Mall on Aug. 15, they won’t just be showing off the Suns’ new threads.

In a real way, they’re also auditioning to be the face of the #NewLookSuns.

Remember when the Suns underwent their first big overhaul in the clothing department? Of course you do, assuming your eyes and memories functioned in 1992.

The change in style couldn’t have been more timely. Charles Barkley was in town. The Suns were in a new building after moving out of the Madhouse on McDowell to the Purple Palace.

In short, the new look symbolized a new time, a new era.

The same transition occurred in 2001, when Phoenix moved on to the logo-less jersey era that was ultimately carried by Steve Nash.

There’s something to be said for each franchise player getting his own look. Alvan Adams sported the originals, tweaked with the classic Western font. KJ and Barkley rode the rising sun. Nash ran with the turn-of-the-century look. When one fan asks “remember when…?”, the other fan comes up with a clearer image thanks to the unique time and uniform in which he played. It’s subtle and, to some, silly. It’s also true.

Now the Suns’ image is changing again as the team transitions from one era to another. The next franchise player will have that era and image all to himself. There’s no telling who that player will be, especially on such a young team. Free agency, trades, the draft, patience, all of the above may be needed before we recognize the next iconic player in the newest iconic look.

By the end of the day, what matters is the next great Phoenix Sun will be remembered not only for what he did, but for being – and wearing – the symbol of that new age in Suns history.

Frankly, I think that’s what everyone is looking forward to the most.

  • Kenneth Flanagan

    the 15th can’t get here quick enough! NEW LOOK BABYYY!

  • James Stevens

    I can’t wait to see the new uniforms. I am in need to update my jersey collection with a current player on the Suns. Maybe the Suns can show some fan appreciation by offering the new jerseys at a discount for the first week. $200+ for one of the authentic is a little on the high side. I really want a Dragic jersey but it is scary to spend that much money when the team is making so many changes and there is no telling who will still be around in a couple of months. Hook us up with 50% off the first week and I might even buy 2 of them.