Comedian Steven Wright once quipped, “I’m writing a book. I’ve got the page numbers done.”

If General Manager Ryan McDonough and Head Coach Jeff Hornacek are looking to create their own best seller, the page numbers for it were filled in over the weekend.

Suns equipment manager Jay Gaspar, via Twitter, announced on Saturday that the newest members of the team, including Alex Len, Eric Bledsoe, Caron Butler, Archie Goodwin, Gerald Green and Miles Plumlee had taken a number, and not at the deli counter at Frys Food.

For everyone but Caron Butler and Gerald Green, this will mark the first time in their professional or college careers that any one of the players have worn their aforementioned numbers. Butler wore No. 3 in his years in Washington and Green wore the No. 14 for his one season as a member of the Nets.

“I just wanted to start my NBA career fresh with a new number,” rookie Archie Goodwin said of the change.
While they will be wearing new numbers on the court this season, there is no word on whether or not they’ll be altering their Twitter names to reflect the new changes. If they do though, we, or Gaspar, will be sure to tell you first.

Now that the page numbers are filled in, it’ll be interesting to see how these new guys fill in the blank pages of this season’s story.

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