No fan vote is too small for would-be 2011 All-Star hopeful Steve Nash.

A lot of aspiring NBA All-Stars talk a big game, but how often do you really get something tangible back for your valuable fan votes? Well, now here’s your chance – a chance to “maybe” see Steve Nash dunk.

The Suns playmaker is among Western Conference leading vote-getters at guard, but he’s not in yet. And that’s where you come in.

As Steve said on his personal Facebook page recently, “I promised a friend if the fans vote me in the All-Star game, I’ll try to dunk. What was I thinking? Is this where I ask fans to stop voting for me?”

Not on your life!

Everybody’s seen the two-time NBA MVP own those wide-open lanes to the basket, then there’s the patented laser-guided passes, the pull-up jumpers from every spot on the floor… But here’s the chance for the holy grail of moves for any point guard – the slam dunk.

We’re talking three-time Suns All-Star Kevin Johnson dunking over seven-footer Hakeem Olajuwon (admittedly that was in the playoffs)… Ring of Honor member Dan Majerle going up and over the late Manute Bol to the rim (Hey, are you saying even a swingman like “Thunder Dan” couldn’t direct an offense on occasion?)…

Of course, there are a million variables heading up to the potential big moment, but it will DEFINITELY never happen if Steve doesn’t get to L.A. for the big game next month.

Remember, a vote for Steve Nash is a vote for potential All-Star highlight immortality. But more importantly, it’s your vote that would make it all possible.

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  • Josue Brenes

    Nash is the best pure point guard in the league..period..!!

  • javier

    Steve Nash is the only current all star player on the suns roster, and we think he should remain on the team that saw him born into the NBA until he retires, he just need another PF allstar to have his game elevated to the level we want to see the suns just like the last year we were the 3rd team on the leage; and for future season as well.
    Been an extreme suns fan I can say that if he does’nt stay I wont go to any games anymore, not even watch the games on TV. We allready lost to many good players due to the lack of business men or for simply to saver money. so don’t be so cheap. Ugly does not entertain. Get Carmelo no matter how!!!
    I used to played at a very high level, in college and would mind giving the new suns a leson or two, for free. If you want to give up on the suns that’s another tale but if you want to see them winning games, rebounds should be a priority, the up tempo can still be played but the courrent defense is poor,
    we need a hard core players to intimidate rivals putting hands up making a line between the rival hips and the rim, the old zone could help us in desperate times, crashing rebounds should be a must do auto play when a shutter executes, especially executing the offense. That’s why we need a scorer. I like to see more of more Dr J dunks type of play using those big hand to grab the ball swinging the arm with the ball still hooked on his hand… I would like to see players using their feet efficiently when posting up just like Jordan used to, he hooked defensive players by the legs before a drive to the basket, did our players forgot haw to play the game? when into the pain they could still stay with one feet out and switch the step every 2 seconds on bout ends of the floor. Have them watch and emulate classic play videos not the hole games, and finally but not last they could use some video game playing especially NBA Street 1-2-3-4. some combinations are very real and could elevate to mind blowing plays on the floor, after all that’s what sales more in the real world!!!

  • Javier

    Nash is a great player Lucky the suns still have him on the roster, but you cannot ask him to do it all he needs some help and I think he should get it after the allstar weekend, If we lost Amare and Richardson, not to mention the other players that we give out, and considering that we are not getting much from what we got in exchange, I think we should ad some quality palyers to help out the veteran team and the focus should be a player that can score big numbers, and an extra PF that can intimidate on bout ends, and a moster Dunker.
    Someone like Carl Malone, and Carmelo Anthony.

  • Arlene Schmidt

    I vote for Steve Nash. He’s a super player and a super guy! Just as a matter of interest my brother coached him in high school. We got to meet him in 2004 at a game in Phoenix. It was the most exciting thing in my life. My brother who was with me was so very proud of his “student”! Could a high school coach receive a hight honor then to have one of his players win the m.v.p of the N.B.A? The teachers name is Bill Greenwell.
    Thanks a adoring fan!
    Arlene Schmidt