For an NBA player, sightseeing is an accepted means of passing times between games on a long road trip. Of course, when you’re Steve Nash, it’s easy to be the sight to be seen.

The Suns’ playmaker spent his off-day in New York City this week at Rockefeller Center as a guest of NBC’s “Late Night With Conan O’Brien” Tuesday night.

Conan tipped things off by comparing the future NBA Hall of Famer to past b-ball greats that have appeared on past episodes of the talk show. And of course he was referring to height – as in the point guard being on the low end of that particular spectrum at 6-foot-2.

“It’d be nice once in awhile to be 7-feet and 300 pounds, but it’s worked for me,” Nash countered. “I go to work every day and I’m a midget.”

Nash also revisited his recent tongue-in-cheek Vitamin Water ad that pushes his “greatness,” the “obvious” comparisons to Michael Jordan and being faster than a shark, before segueing into talking about having Shaquille O’Neal as a teammate rather than an opponent .

“Playing against him is like running into a planet,” Nash laughed.” Having him on the team is amazing.”

Nash also talked about the time being on the receiving end of a Karl Malone elbow meant a few trips to the dentist to repair his tooth.

“Did he hold you and bend it back,” Conan sarcastically asked. “You went after Karl Malone. Maybe that was the part you should rethink. ‘I’m going after that fellow and take that ball from him… I awoke hours later.’”

Being reminded that dunking is not a big part of his game (“You dunk less than others”), Nash’s court expertise was called upon to analyze Conan’s in-studio slam from a few weeks back.

A gracious Nash refused to dwell on the talk-show host’s use of a trampoline or less than stellar landing before admitting to playing a lone pick-up game as a part-time resident of the city.

“I was big for once,” he laughed.

Check out the episode in its entirety.

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