With the Suns getting the 100-94 victory in Dallas, it only seemed appropriate to take a closer look at the win. Here are three interesting observations, or oddservations if you will, from the game.

1) Big D(efense)

For those of us covering Suns practices this preseason, Alvin Gentry started to sound like a broken record (or for those of a younger generation, a scratched CD or a corrupt MP3 file). For the better part of three weeks the head coach had preached that his team needed to get better on the defensive end and on the offensive glass if they wanted to win on a regular basis. It was like he could see into the future.

After giving up 33 offensive rebounds in their first two preseason games combined, his team gave up only 9 offensive rebounds Wednesday night in Dallas while grabbing 13 of their own and outrebounded the Mavericks overall 45 to 39. In other words they rebounded better than Leonardo DiCaprio after a breakup.

Their defense was also improved against Dallas. They had 14 steals and scored 25 points off of Maverick turnovers.

2) Brown Down, but likely not out

Shooting guard Shannon Brown scored 8 points and grabbed 3 rebounds in 16 minutes of play but it was number one that had the biggest impact on his evening. That one represented the ankle he turned that took him out of the game. Despite being removed from the game, it sounds like it was mostly precautionary. The ankle had no swelling after the game and he isn’t expected to miss much time.

3) Don’t B-Easy Going Michael

“Right now he’s trying to be a pleaser. I really don’t want him to be a pleaser.”

That’s what Alvin Gentry had to say about swingman Michael Beasley’s play in the first two preseason games. On Wednesday night, he got the best of both worlds out of his power forward.

Beasley was aggressive on offense scoring eight points but also dishing out four assists. He was most definitely pleasing without being a pleaser.

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