Talk Radio. It can be informative and it can be ruthless. I sometimes kick myself for listening to some of the local shows because of all the senseless and ignorant vile that can be spewed by listeners, guests and even the hosts!



Suns head athletic trainer Aaron Nelson attempts to stop the bleeding.
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Today’s hot topic was “Blood Gate ’2007″ or the “Nash Nose Affair” in Game 1 of the Conference Semifinals.
First let me say that I am close, personal friends with Aaron Nelson so I have a somewhat biased opinion of his professionalism and dedication. But what I saw from my seat just rows away from the bench in Game 1 only solidified and justified the lofty perch to which I hold Aaron. I have never been more proud of him. 
With national television cameras and 20,000 rabid fans in the arena watching his every move, his every attempt to somehow patch a bloodied Steve Nash together, Aaron Nelson impressively kept his cool and maintained his composure. Not once did he appear to panic or succumb to the pressure of the moment. Now mind you, he was fighting a losing battle. There was no time to send Nash to the lockeroom, where stitiching him up would have been the only reasonable way to stop the bleeding. If he does head back to the lockeroom, he is not around to hit that clutch 3-pointer or driving lay-in that kept the Suns in the game(the team also seemed to be fighting a losing battle at the time!). So give “Nellie” credit for at least those�five critical points! 
I was actually sitting with a good friend of mine, who happens to be an anesthesiologist and knows quite a bit about surgeries and bleeding. He pointed out that with Nash’s heart-rate going back up when he returned to the floor, it would immediately trigger more bloodflow and that’s exactly what happened. The bleeding erupted again, soaking the bandages and creating a terrible mess and now resulting in an unnecessary controversy as the fans and so-called “experts” are teeing-off on Aaron over the talk show airwaves.
I understand the fans’ passion for the team and their desire to see the Suns finally reach the pinnacle, an NBA championship. I also regretfully understand talk radio and its need for inflammatory topics and opinions as it evokes a reaction and calls from listeners. But get one thing straight: the Suns did not lose Game 1 because Aaron Nelson was unprepared or unqualified in that situation.
The Suns lost because Gregg Popovich manipulates a game better than any other coach in the league (working the refs and calling strategic time-outs). The Suns lost because Tony Parker has learned how to hit a jumper (and now the Suns must learn how to slow TP down — my call is for Raja to give him a dose of his physical D). The Suns lost because in the final�five minutes they took lower percentage shots than the Spurs(LB fires a tough�three vs Tim Duncan’s three-foot jump hook in the lane). The Suns lost the game because they were basically out-executed down the stretch.
These Spurs are a well-oiled machine that rarely breaks down late in games. The Suns will be wise to build an early lead and take that late into the 4th quarter which will force the Spurs to take quicker shots instead of the Suns.
I still say: Suns in 7. And when they march on to the Western Conference Finals against Golden State — in what will be the most entertaining series the league has EVER seen — this bloody mess will be long forgotten.
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