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No excuses. No explanation either. At least I don’t have one.

The Nuggets, a team with no names but lots of game, did unto the Suns as even the most star-studded rosters have been unable to do since the All-Star break. And give Coach George Karl credit for putting his post-Melo trade pieces together in such impressive fashion that the team has gone 7-2 since losing Carmelo Anthony and Chauncey Billups.

But while giving them full props for the drubbing, but full disclosure compels me to also report that the Suns mysteriously reverted to all of the bad pre-break habits that had people writing them a lottery ticket (in ink yet)..

Until the meaningless last six or seven minutes they couldn’t shoot, pass, dribble, or guard anybody. In fact, the offense was so erratic it put the Suns in such a perilous position they might not have been able to defend even if they wanted to.

Granted, they committed only one more turnover than the Nuggets (20-19), but the points off turnovers were 32-23 in favor of Denver, and that stat would have been even more lopsided if the Suns hadn’t picked up 7 useless points late..

The key question, of course, is what this embarrassment does to the Big Picture. Was this just a temporary blip in an 18-8 run that had the Suns playing well at both ends of the court — or was it an ominous sign that of impending doom?

I lean toward the former, but the nagging thought the Suns got an astonishing and not likely to happen again in our lifetime 64 points from Hakim Warrick and Vince Carter, and still had to dodge a last-second three-point bullet to come away with a victory over Houston. Just won’t go away.

The good news here is we won’t have to wait any longer than Sunday’s game against the Magic for a more definitive answer. It’s not necessarily a must-win situation, but it IS absolutely a must-get-back-on-track situation.

The jockeying for the lower playoff positions in the West is so close that a team can afford two straight losses, but not two straight stinkers.

The bottom line: Postponed until Sunday.

  • mircea

    I have a strange feeling that Nash had given up on the Suns and the fans.