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With all of the travel associated with being a professional basketball player, the NBA season can be quite a grind at times. The Suns, who are one of just seven teams that played seven or less home games thus far this season, know that reality more than most teams right now.

While the road can become tiresome, it also has its benefits. If one happens to play for Minnesota, a road trip to Miami and Orlando in February can be refreshing.

Now in his sixth season in the league, Suns forward Hakim Warrick talked about his favorite cities to play in. Not including his hometown of Philadelphia, here is “Warrick’s Top 3 Favorite Cities to Visit.”

1) Los Angeles - “The weather is always nice and there’s great shopping,” he said.

According to the Suns forward, it has nothing to do with whether you were playing the Lakers or the Clippers.

“We could be playing the D-League team there, as long as you’re in L.A., it’s always a nice trip,” Warrick said.

2) New York - “I’m an East Coast-guy and that’s like the East Coast’s L.A., although the weather is not as good,” he said. “I also have a lot of family and friends out there. It’s also about the culture and… there’s a little bit of nightlife there.”

His supporters have no problem cruising over from Philly to see him when he’s playing in the Big Apple.

3) Miami – “I’d like to say my hometown of Philly but I’m going to keep it realistic and say Miami,” he joked. “I like to take my talents to South Beach. They have great weather there and it’s always relaxing.”

As far as his hometown is concerned, “Hak” says that his favorite Philly Cheesesteak place isn’t the more renowned Geno’s or Pat’s. It’s Ishkabibble’s.

Knowing Philly people and their affinity for finding good cheesesteak spots, I’d listen to Hak’s recommendation on this one.

  • Kevin

    I am sure it is the writers error and not Hakim’s but it’s Ishkabibble’s. I’d hate for you to have some rabid Philadelphian correct you…oh wait.

  • JAS

    Hakim has erased the loss of Amare. To bad it comes when the Suns have no center, chemistry or even a resemblance of interior defense. Add the fact that we have to depend heavily on two once very good players at the end of their run. It all adds up to a grim outlook and a painful rebuilding process.

  • Emis

    I lived in Philly and had an amazing time walking through the market eating great food.

    Welcome to the city of the SUN