Did I say in my previous post that I couldn’t use any excuses for the Suns if it didn’t show up in the box score? Dang. Well then, I guess I’ll just break down the game by the numbers.

The Suns are 0-1 when the following happens:


  • They allow their opponent to score more than 115 points
  • Their opponent shots over 57% from the field
  • Their opponent shoots over 66% from the three-point line
  • They get outrebounded by more than 20
  • They shoot less than 40% from the field
  • They make less than 70% of their free throws
  • Steve Nash has less than 5 assists

Individual Statistics:


  • DJ Strawberry will remember this game for more than just the margin of victory for the Lakers. It also was the first NBA game he played in.
  • Leandro Barbosa shot 8-11 for the game and scored 18 points. This is an improvement over the first game where he shot 3-7 and had 9 points.
  • Boris Diaw and Marcus Banks both had more assists than Steve Nash

Team Statistics:

  • The Suns averaged only 45% shooting against the Lakers in the 2006-202007 season. In Friday night’s game, they averaged 43%. The difference in that game was not the percentage that Suns shot but in the percentage they allowed the Lakers to shoot.
  • Despite the way the Suns lost on Friday, there are some bright points. Brian Skinner had 5 blocks in the game. Kurt Thomas had no blocks against the Lakers in the 2006-202007 season. Thomas also averaged about 6 rebounds per game against the Lakers last year. Skinner had 8 for the game.

Also a disclaimer:� I know the analysis above is still a little weak at this point.� I’m hoping to get better analysis going once the team has a few games under its belt.� Only 2 games into the season, it’s hard to recognize any possible trends.� But that being said, if you see anything, please feel free to let me know in the comments!

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