Early Friday morning, four members of our dunk team and the Suns VP of Game Entertainment, Kip Helt, met at the US Airways Arena with quite the weekend ahead of us.  We were on our way to Vegas, with one goal in mind, to show USA Basketball, the NBA and the basketball fans of Las Vegas we are the finest entertainment crew in the NBA, and we also wanted to demonstrate how we are the most exciting dunk team in the NBA.

The drive to Vegas went quick, minus the slow driving through the Hoover Dam thanks to our driver who was overly excited to educate our van about “The Bridge” they have been building for the last five years.  Haha, just kidding Devin. We arrived at The Wynn around 1:30, and all we had to say was, WOW!!  The Wynn is a gorgeous hotel/casino.  After we checked in, we reported to rehearsal at the UNLV practice facility, the COX Pavilion, and we were welcomed by applause and a “Welcome Phoenix Dunk Team!!”  from NBA officials and representatives.  Our dunk rehearsals were in the gym where the NBA Summer League was held and where the USA Basketball Team practices.

After rehearsals, we walked the strip for a few hours, and got a bite to eat at First Food, great chicken, salmon and chicken parmesan lasagna!

Saturday was the day we were all looking forward to, and as we walked through the casino, rode in the elevators and worked out in the fitness room, USA and NBA Basketball players were everywhere!  Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and Jeff Green were signing autographs for kids in the casino, James Harden was working out with his trainer and Coach Jay Wright from Villanova was shaking hands with everyone.

We left The Wynn at 1:30pm for the Thomas and Mack Center and as soon as we arrived we were greeted with warm welcomes by everyone involved.  Our shoes, shorts and shirts were waiting for us in our locker room, and as soon as we suited up, we were out on the arena floor rehearsing contests, timeouts and then our two dunk shows.

The game started at 7:00pm. We kicked off the night by showering the crowd with free tee-shirts. Our first dunk show was a hit, and we came out firing and nailed a flip dunk off the start which got the crowd out of their seats and on their feet.  Our first dunk show was at the quarter break between the first and second quarter, and it was a quick one.

Our final dunk show came as the halftime entertainment for the crowd, and nobody got out of their seats to get food and refill their beers and sodas, they wanted to see more of the finest dunk team in the NBA.  We nailed flip dunks, alley-oops, 360’s, dunks off the backboard and as highlights, we moved the trampolines back three feet to stun the crowd as we soared through the air on our way to the rim and we also had the opportunity to dunk over a group of four brave soldiers.

The game ended as the White Team beat the Blue Team 114-96, and Kevin Durant was named MVP of the game.  We stuck around the arena for 45 minutes after the game taking pictures and thanking everyone from USA Basketball and the NBA.  We had a blast, and can’t wait for the opportunity to do something like this again.  Please enjoy the pictures, as we have taken them to document our journey, and share our experience with you!

Thanks NBA and USA Basketball, we all hope to be a part of this again!  And one more thing, GOOOO SUNS!!!

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