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With Shannon Brown’s annual hosting of the Wood-Star Music Festival in Chicago, you’d be hard pressed to find a Suns player more suitable to count down the top five rap artists of all time with. When catching up with the guard to discuss the topic, I realized that Brown’s expertise is so vast that he could probably compile a top 100 list and still feel like he slighted a few a rap artists.

But after lots of debating and lots of trimming, Brown and I were able to narrow our lists down to the ones you see below.


5. Eminem – His content may be downright disturbing, but so was the work of Edgar Allan Poe. If the reaction Eminem gets from his audience is the one he intends, it’s hard to deny he isn’t good at his craft.

4. Nas – After releasing his debut album, Illmatic back in 1994, and his most recent album in 2011, Nas continues to show no signs of slowing down.

3. Notorious B.I.G. – He released two albums in his lifetime and both are maybe two of the top ten rap albums of all time. One can only imagine what he’d have been able to do with more time.

2. Tupac – If you were going to call any rap artist a poet, it would be this man.

1. Jay-Z – While Tupac and Biggie may not have been given the time to put together the body of work that Jay-Z has, you just can’t hold that against Jigga. He has truly done it all and nearly two decades after releasing his debut album, is still arguably the best in the game.


5. Lil Wayne – I’ve been listening to Wayne for a while now, he’s a great lyricist who knows how to put a song together. There are so many guys you can put here in this spot, but I think I’m going with him.

4. Eminem – Another great storyteller. He might be graphic, but he’s able to make you visualize the things he’s talking about.

3. Jay-Z – There are a lot of guys you can put here from numbers three through five so it’s real tough. I like a lot of guys out there, especially right now, but Jay-Z has been doing it for so long and is still big today.

2. Notorious B.I.G. – He and Pac could do everything. They could tell a story through their music but were also two of the greatest lyricists of all time.

1. Tupac – It’s such a toss-up between him and B.I.G. They’re both legends who can really go number one and two either way.

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