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TOP FIVE EPIC MOVIES WITH JARED DUDLEYEpic. It’s a word we sometimes hear so often that its impact is lost on us. For something to be epic, it has to cause your jaw to drop. It has to be so awesome that you immediately recognize how small you are in comparison to it.


5. Avatar – Whether you like it or not, the movie was a game changer as far as the 3-D phenomena is concerned.

4. Troy – Great film telling a great story. Just not enough character development to rank it much higher.

3. Gladiator – Yes, we were entertained. Very entertained.

2. The Dark Knight Rises - – The film completes a character arc unlike any we’ve seen before in the superhero genre before. And unlike The Dark Knight, the final installment to the Batman trilogy features two opposing sides running towards one another really, really fast.

1. LOTR – Yes, I like my epic films action packed, but I also want some character development too. The Lord of the Rings mythos gives us plenty of this, and in my opinion, it is the middle film in the trilogy that features the best action as well as the best pacing.


5. The Last Samurai – Tom Cruise is obviously such a good actor, and I liked watching his transformation as a man fighting on one side of a war to be willing to die for a cause on the other side.

4. Braveheart – I’m a huge fan of this movie. It’s got a whole romance element to it, and I liked the concept of this character rallying the poor to do what was right for Scotland.

3. 300 – When that movie came out, it was unlike anything I’d seen before. And what guy wouldn’t want to be a cast member in this movie?

2. Troy – Loved what Brad Pitt’s character brought to the table in this movie as this god-like character who just couldn’t be defeated.

1. Gladiator – The movie is just a classic and still brings chills to me when I watch it. I think this film really helped elevate the career of Russell Crowe to a whole new level.

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