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It was when coming to the realization that Little Mac’s journey in Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! constituted as a sports video game that I realized just how difficult this list would be to compile. Not only did I have sports games from each of the four major team sports to worry about, but I also had to concern myself with games like Tiger Woods PGA Tour 05, Super Spike V’Ball and FIFA ‘13.

But after hours of arduous research which proved to be a fun trip down memory lane, I feel I’ve managed to put together a pretty solid list. Markieff didn’t do half bad either, but in the end, I fear his love for football may have gotten the best of him.

Orange Crusader

What makes for a great sports video game: Excellent gameplay with features that helps to revolutionize the genre rather than set it back another year.

5. Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!! – There was no way I could leave this classic off the list regardless of how many great sports games have followed. The rogue gallery of villains that Little Mac challenges ranks among the greatest of all time. “Join the Nintendo Fan Club today!”

4. Ken Griffey Jr. Presents Major League Baseball – No real-life players other than the namesake, no ability to trade said players and no wild card… Yet this game is still incredibly awesome.

3. NHL ‘11 – It took a lot of great hockey games to get here, but thanks to Blades of Glory, NHLPA Hockey ’93 and NHL Hitz Pro, EA was able to put together the complete package in NHL ‘11.

2. Madden NFL 2004 – As difficult as it is not to go Tecmo Bowl to represent the sport of football, no video game gets the NFL juices flowing like Madden. The reason Madden 2004 was selected here is due to the groundbreaking innovation which came to us via the Ownership Mode.

1. NBA Jam – A game so great that it helped introduce the NBA to people who had little or no interest in the sport beforehand. The two-on-two gameplay helped to simplify basketball while the big heads… well those were just fun. “Boom shakalaka!”

Opponent Scouting ReportAppreciated the versatility displayed by Markieff in adding a soccer game to the mix, but naming two different versions of Madden was weak.

Markieff Morris

What makes for a great sports video game:You’ve got to have good graphics, good sound and there’s got to be a lot of focus on the game outside the game.

5. NBA Jam – This is one I played a few years back. I used to use the Knicks duo of John Starks and Patrick Ewing.

4. FIFA ’13 – I could go with either FIFA 12 or FIFA 13 here. I’m a big soccer fan and this is a realistic game that’s great to play at home on the big screen. They’ve also found ways to keep making it fresh year after year with the player’s ability to do new tricks.

3. NBA 2K12 – I like this one more than NBA 2K13. It’s realistic and I like the realistic sports games more than the NBA Jam-type games.

2. MADDEN ’12 – I love football. It was my first love and I just enjoy the strategizing that goes into playing a game of Madden.

1. MADDEN ’13 – Like I said, I love football.

Opponent Scouting Report –. I’m obviously a big Madden fan so don’t have any problem with your pick of Madden 2004, and I think NHL ’11 is a good choice too. If I had to choose a game to disagree with, it would probably be Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!! since I’ve never heard of that one. I didn’t really start playing video games until 1996 so I didn’t play much Nintendo or Super Nintendo.

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