In the last blog post I wrote, I talked about how my second training camp has been easier and more fun than the first. A lot of that has to do with repetition, I think. The more you do something, the easier it becomes.

Which brings me to something else I noticed today in practice. The Suns added several new players to their roster in the off-season. Add a new coach into the mix as well and you have the potential for a rough start to the season if you’re not careful.

At tonight’s practice, the team worked on several plays. But they didn’t just do it once. They did it over and over again. And each time, the players got better at it. Each play has several different possibilities for getting a shot and they had to go over each nuance of the play.

Learning plays is something you would expect the team to work on. What was interesting to me was the end of practice when the coaches made all the players stand on the baseline and Coach Porter called out players’ names randomly. If their name was called, they had to go to the free throw line and shoot a free throw. If the player made it, they got to go back to the baseline. If they missed it, they also got to go back to the baseline. But then the entire team had to run to the opposite baseline and back.

What’s the purpose of shooting one free throw? I think it gives the players repetitions again. Not only do they learn to shoot a free throw while they’re winded, they also learn to shoot free throws with pressure. The risk of making your teammates run because you missed a free throw is a lot of pressure – maybe even as much as a free throw in a tight game.

My point? This team is doing everything they can to be ready for the season. Even when it means doing things again and again and again.

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