Good morning, Good afternoon, Good evening!! So who are you taken to win the Super bowl?? I try not to be but I am a little bias watching Saginaw Native Lamarr Woodley play for the Steelers. Their first game is today so I wish #56 all the best. I love football I played one year until I hurt my leg. My Uncle made me hang up my cleats right after that. I guess he made the right decision LOL!! I’m a fan of all sports. You might catch me watching anything from high school sports, college, to world championship poker. My brothers and I play fantasy football but with my schedule I sometimes forget to do my line up.


I don’t really feel like discussing it, but we’ve been taking so many heartbreaking losses. It was like we were fighting up hill all game against Indiana. I’d rather loose by twenty than to loose at the buzzer. We won against the Clippers last night, even though their record doesn’t say it; they’re still a dangerous team. Even with the injuries they had some good players.


My mom came to visit thank God!! Ramen noodles can only get you so far! When she’s here it’s like Thanksgiving in January. Not to mention I have a birthday in eight days so she’ll probably get my gift before she leaves (Hint Hint). My twin brother and sister’s birthdays are two days after mine, we usually celebrate them together. I’m going to miss not being with them that weekend.


See you next Monday enjoy the Suns Show!!


J-Rich 23

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