Good morning, Good afternoon, Good evening!! Welcome to the world of back to back basketball, against the Thunder I felt good. Then we flew to Memphis and soon as the whistle blew I couldn’t get a golf ball to go into the hoop. I was deeply disappointed in my play but in this business bad games happen. Once I got back home my day consisted of returning gifts that my kids made defective. Their just like me and my brothers, cause my mother would be returning gifts by the 27th because we would want them to do more than what was on the commercial. I really appreciate all the love that I am getting on the site, and I can’t wait to see who wins the Golden ball game. The guy on the song is my little cousin and that song is hot he has some more joints coming soon so look out!! Someone asked do I have a record label? No I don’t, but I love music! I’m more of an Old School fan as well as a fan of the Lil Wayne’s, Maroon 5, Beyonce, Nerd, the Bay and other underground artist.


These games were a learning experience because it taught us how to play without Steve and Stat. We had to lean on our bench Jared played big on both ends, Barbosa was on fire and Matt was being his energetic self bringing instant points. Give us a little more time to gel and great things will come. Just in case you missed it M.S.U. 77 Northwestern 66 Go Green Go White!! See you next Monday and stay tune to the Suns Show!


J-Rich 23

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