(Noah Graham/NBAE/Getty Images)

(Noah Graham/NBAE/Getty Images)

For those fans (myself included) who wondered whether the Phoenix Suns would be able to keep up their winning ways with their new coach, Wednesday night’s game was a good test.  Phoenix wouldn’t be playing in front of their home crowd, the newness of the coach had worn off a bit and the players were tired from the game the night before.

And for the first three quarters, it looked as if the Clippers might have a chance.  They scored 19 more points than they did the night before.  But they let the Suns score 2 more points than they did in the previous game.  The final score was 142-119, advantage Suns.

At one point in the third quarter, the game was getting boring enough (because the game was no longer in doubt, not because the Suns weren’t exciting) that Tom Leander and Scott Williams decided to bring on a guess for the rest of the third quarter and part of the fourt.  They had Bill Simmons, ESPN’s Sports Guy, partipcipate in the broadcast for several minutes.  

Overall, the win was a good one – despite the fact that it didn’t help us move up in the standings.  Phoenix is still a half-game out of the playoff picture.  But they’re on a good start – helping new coach Alvin Gentry to a 2-0 record as Suns Head Coach.

Next up: Oklahoma City.  What are your thoughts on this game or the upcoming game?

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