We’re a couple of weeks into the season now and everything’s moving pretty fast. It feels like it was just preseason for us. It might be because I’m a young guy trying to get adjusted to everything, but it just seems like everything is flying by.

Alando Tucker is learning from some of the best in his rookie year on the Suns. 

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I love it though. The last road trip we had, going four games in five days, it was nice and I got to visit some arenas for the first time.

I’m really just soaking everything up and taking in everything the guys around me are doing. Especially on the road trip, I made sure to study how guys go about their day-to-day business. Everything – before, during and after the game, especially on nights where we have back-to-back contests. It’s all about getting to learn.

I do have to explain to people that it’s okay not to be thrown right into the mix and that this is an experience which is better for me in the long run. Not everyone can say they came into the league to play for a championship-caliber team. I understand the goal of this team isn’t to qualify for the playoffs or reach the Western Conference Finals – it’s to win an NBA Championship. It is a privilege to be with a team you know is going to be successful and its great playing with these players and working with Mike D’Antoni and the coaching staff. I didn’t come to this team because they needed a guy to score points and I definitely understand that. Once I explain that to people, they seem to understand too.

When Kobe Bryant first came into the league he also came to a team fighting for a championship. He didn’t get the opportunity to play early but you can see now how much he learned from that experience. He used that time as a young player to learn from the veterans on his team and it’s paid off.

I’m definitely taking my time and not rushing into anything as far as getting on the court. I’m learning and that’s something which is going to be important for me. I’ve got guys like Steve Nash, Grant Hill and Raja Bell around me and I’m going to take advantage of that. They’ve been doing this for years now and I just want to soak up as much as possible so I can execute when my name is called. I’ve also been watching Amaré Stoudemire a lot and it’s been great seeing him get back to the court and throw down some monster jams.

Last night was the Celebrity Waiters event for me and the guys and that was big for me. This team gets a lot of support from this city and last night was a reminder of that. I had a smile on my face the whole night and it was great interacting with people that were happy to see us. Talking with fans and knowing it’s going to a good cause like Suns Nite Hoops – that’s what I’m all about. It was great traveling to China with Steve Nash for his charity game over the summer and last night was another great chance to help give to those less fortunate.

It’s time for me to hit the court for warm-ups and get ready for a late contest against the Chicago Bulls. Thanks again for all the great comments and I’ll be sure to check back in again soon.

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