No one wants to ever face him on the basketball court. And after watching his performance on those ESPN commercials, there’s not a soul alive that would want to face him on the SCRABBLE board.

It may take both of these competitors to take down Shaq in SCRABBLE.
(Courtesy of National Scrabble Association)

Suns center Shaquille O’Neal, who took broadcasters Stuart Scott and Mike Breen to Scrabble school on the ESPN RV commercial, sent a letter of encouragement to the 200 middle school students that participated in the 7th annual National School SCRABBLE Championship on April 24-25 in Providence, R.I.

The winners of this year’s competition and the $10,000 first prize were fifth graders Andy Hoang and Erik Salgado from Salem Elementary School in Apex, NC.

The event was nationally televised on ESPN for the third straight year and the winners will appear on the Jimmy Kimmel Show in the next week.

O’Neal, known in some circles as “The Big SCRABBLE-Rouser,” also donated a “Shaq prize” to the contestant who possessed the highest score with the letter Q.

The 7-1 All-Star donated an O’Neal jersey to the lucky winner.

In the letter he sent to the youngsters, O’Neal told the contestants that he comes from a background of competition and words and that they were “cool” for being smart and using their intelligence to succeed.

To learn more about the SCRABBLE competition, click here. And if you haven’t seen Shaq’s playful antics on the ESPN commercial, click here now.

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